14 april

Behind the scenes and speed edit of a staged self portrait

I made a behind the scenes video for my self portait ”Imagine a bird”.

This is the final image.

I also used some yarn, but as you can see in the movie I decided to make the image without it.

First test shoot!

25 mars

Step by step images from ”To the moon and back”

A step by step guide from my creation of ”To the moon and back”. It was a magical evening with beautiful light, and me and my mother (to the left in the picture) ran over the field, while I used my remote to take pictures. I didn´t know what we were running towards, but later on in Photoshop I played around and the image ended in black and white, with us running towards the moon/a far away planet? I love to create like this, with no plan in my head, just letting my intuition guide me towards the final image 🙂










This step by step guide was also published, with longer text, on my swedish blog.

Thank you for reading <3

22 mars

Behind the scenes movie

Here is a little movie from a beautiful day of shooting. This day I went out in the forest, location scouting and shooting a staged self portrait. I used some baby powder to create a smoky effect in the image. The images you see in the end are unedited images.

Music “Muscle memory” by Myndra from Free Music Archive. ©Myndra

17 mars

New exhibition at Scandinavian Photo in Bankeryd

I am exhibiting together with Victoria Söderström at Scandinavian Photo in Bankeryd, Sweden. The name of the exhibition is ”Petrichor (n.)- the smell of earth after rain”. Here are some images from the whole exhibition!

The exhibition will go on until 31/3 2017 at Scandinavian Photo in Bankeryd.

6 mars

A film from making ”Serenade for solitude”

I made a small behind-the-scenes film from the making of my image Serenade for solitude that you can see below. You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel to see more videos!

I took several test shots before taking the real picture.

Trying with different costumes!

This is the place where I ended up taking the final picture.

And this is the finished image!

Music “Huggun” by Myndra from Free Music Archive. ©Myndra

17 november

Home from the Stockholm Photo Fair

I have been away during the weekend to exhibit together with Victoria Söderström at the Stockholm Photo Fair. It was an amazing experience, both to see our beautiful exhibition and to hold two inspirational speeches for the fairs´visitors.

utstallning2Me and Victoria decided to hang all the images mixed as one big show, without our names under each image. Our images have the same style and they work well together, though they differ in story and motives.


jagoutstallningHere I am in my most comfy outfit, checking out the exhibition the day before it opened. I was so happy to see the images this big! It´s the way I always envision my images in my mind when I´m working. To the left is Victorias image ”Solitude”. To the right is my image ”Universe”. They had the same magenta tone in them which made them a great pair.


mycketfolkSo many people came to see the exhibition! What an amazing feeling <3

hissenSelfie in the elevator at the lovely hotel just a minute away from the fair 🙂

Thank you to everyone who came! It was an incredible weekend!

16 mars

Glass cover in snow

When we had lots of show in Gothenburg I went out to take some self portraits with a glass cover. It was all very spontaneous. I brought the glass cover and thought about some ideas while dressing in black. My mom was supposed to come for coffee but instead she got to be my assistant in the snow and take care of Tjorven (my dog) while photographing! That´s what happens when you come for coffee at my place haha 😉

Beata Rydén 2016 Beata Rydén 2016 Beata Rydén 2016Tjorven loves to be in the images 🙂

Beata Rydén 2016 Beata Rydén 2016I usually take a lot of images so that I can edit several of them later, and maybe use them for other images. I have started to edit one of the images and I hope that it will be a book cover one day!

Beata Rydén 2016My mom and my dog 🙂

15 mars

Images from 2015

Beata Rydén 2015

Last year I felt quite unproductive, but as I look back, I discover that I have created at least 26 images, and this makes me feel so proud! Though it has been a chaotic year for me, I have managed to hold on to what is most important to me: photography. When I create, I am happy and whole. Nothing in the world can compete with that feeling.

Thank you for following my journey. Thank you for all your messages and emails and for showing me that you exist. I´m so incredibly happy to get to share what I love the most with you!

SpaceBeata Rydén 2015Ode to imaginationcloudguardianRestoring the order Part 2Beata Rydén 2015If I could talk to trees ificouldtalktotrees2 Beata Rydén 2015 Refugee Warrior  Lilac nature The Sleep Project death Sleep project Sleep paralyzis plane The sleep project Harsch realities Holding on to faithWe are infinite And my soul And my soul And my soulBubbleme

13 februari

The Sleep Project

Images for my series The Sleep Project, shot on Iceland!

Sleep paralyzis

Sleep project


The sleep project

Hypnic jerkThe Sleep Project death The sleep project

14 oktober

Speed Edit Video

I´m so happy for my first Speed Edit video for my image Warrior. I love these kind of videos myself, so I felt that it was time for me to start making my own videos! Watch it below (and choose the best quality)


Final image on my Flickr.

Go to my You Tube channel and subscribe.