13 februari

The Sleep Project

Images for my series The Sleep Project, shot on Iceland!

Sleep paralyzis

Sleep project


The sleep project

Hypnic jerkThe Sleep Project death The sleep project

14 oktober

Speed Edit Video

I´m so happy for my first Speed Edit video for my image Warrior. I love these kind of videos myself, so I felt that it was time for me to start making my own videos! Watch it below (and choose the best quality)


Final image on my Flickr.

Go to my You Tube channel and subscribe.

12 oktober


Beata Rydén 2015 Imagine a dragonfly Beata Rydén 2015 Beata Rydén 2015

I try to catch autumn because it is so beautiful. I know some people don´t like autumn. Some people say they long for summer. But the colors and the fresh wind and the coldness in the air makes me feel so alive, so clean. I love autumn <3

10 oktober

You Tube Channel!

Beata Rydén 2015 Beata Rydén 2015 Beata Rydén 2015

I have a You Tube- channel where I post little movies from my photo shoots and edits. This is all new to me so I´m so excited for this! I love to watch the process of other photographers through You Tube, and I felt that I wanted to share my own process with you! I´ve done three little movies so far. Head over to my channel to have a look!

9 oktober

A collection of behind the scenes

I love to see photos of other photographers in action, so I´ve always tried to photograph myself while I´m photographing, or make someone else photograph me in action. Here are some images that I´ve shot during the years. These are shot between somewhere 2012-2015. I have lots of more so trust me, there will be more of these 🙂


6 oktober

Wonders of nature

This past week, I´ve had some absolutely wonderful days spent in nature. I shot these images two days ago, when the sun was spreading gold all over the fields. To be able to combine photography and nature makes me so happy. I love spending time outside, breathing fresh air and looking at all the beauty through the lens! Yesterday evening I was out to photograph, this morning before school I also went out to photograph, and I just came back after shooting this evening. Feeling the passion for photography coming back to me, flowing through me after months without it, feels like starting to breath again.

3 oktober

The importance of improvising

When I edit, I try to challenge myself. When I shot this picture I had a different editing in mind, but when I started editing my vision didn´t suit the actual image. In my mind I had pictured a blue and green image, but these colors didn´t look good to me when I tried them. So instead I made the whole image warm and yellowish, and I changed the color of my dress to green instead of blue.

My advice for when you´re editing is that you let the image ”speak” for itself. Maybe you had a vision in mind, but it´s important to be open to change while editing. For me, the image often turns out different than I had planned. I believe that it´s important to be open minded in the creative process, both when you´re shooting out on the field and when you´re inside, editing. So many exciting things can happen in the process, and you don´t want to miss that! I often go out with a plan when I shoot. I start with photographing the planned image. But then I also improvise, both with positioning and different angles. Sometimes the best comes out of the improvised images, and sometimes the best comes out of the first, strictly planned image. You never know!

 If I could talk to trees

Unedited image.

29 september

If I could talk to trees

Yesterday evening I looked outside and saw that magical light that I love. The sun was going down and everything was blue and pale and magical. I went outside to the park nearby to shoot in the last light of the day. I have been thinking about this spot for so long, because the trees are so beautiful and romantic!

This image was shot when the light was almost gone. If you shoot during blue hour, when the sun is gone, you don´t have long until it will be too dark to photograph; after this image it was impossible to continue the shooting.

29 september
28 september

Imitation game

A couple of months ago I had a magical day in nature. I spent the weekend at my parents house in the country, and I felt a rush of inspiration. I decided to find dead and dry things in nature, making up a story of someone trying to imitate the dried up trees and blend in. Becoming one with the dead nature, maybe giving it new life. This wasn´t planned at all, and I truly love that feeling when you create in the moment and don´t have any expectations on the final result!

As you may know if you follow me on facebook, I´ve had a hard year with my creativity. The art school that I went to managed to take away all my inspiration and I haven´t had much passion left for photography this year. That´s why this shoot was so important for me, because in that moment I felt the love for my passion come back, and it made me so so happy.

I finally left school in June this year, and I´m actually starting to feel the passion come back to me, slowly, filling me with energy and happiness to be alive. But it´s still very fragile, so I won´t talk about it too much yet 😉

This image was expanded to a square frame. I shot some extra images of the surrounding to be able to expand it later in photoshop.

In the image above you see how I moved the camera a little bit to the left (left image) in order to get a photo of the surroundings to expand later.

Trying to get the camera to work 😀

Always take some extra shots of yourself smiling to the camera 😉