Beata Rydén is a photographic artist that was born in june of 1985 in Gothenburg, the next biggest town in Sweden.

With the art of photography she wants to explore our inner worlds and psychological struggles. One topic that she tends to come back to is integrity and personal borders. How do we find peace in this world, how do we protect ourselves?

When Beata creates a photograph it all starts with the idea. She often gets a clear image in her head, and she starts with a sketch in one of her many notebooks. Then she goes out to look for the right environment, prop and costume. Beata likes to use herself as a model, though she sometimes collaborates with other people as well.  After the shooting is done the editing process starts. Editing is a very creative process that can take weeks to finish. Beata loves to experiment with colors and usually put several images together for the final image. Beata is fascinated by the digital technique that makes it possible to create almost everything.