12 februari

Utställningen ”Satin 300 gsm”


Min bild som jag visade. Från Chasing a mirage. Utskriften hade ett annat format då vi alla hade enats om att ha samma storlek på bilderna.

Min klass hade utställning på Campus Vasa i januari. Det blev en liten installation där alla hade en bild var, placerad på golvet under den mäktiga takkronan. Eventet kom också med i GP Guiden!

16 januari

Upcoming exhibition


Newt week my class has a ”mini-exhibition”. But we call it poster exhibition. The name is ”Satin 300gsm” after the paper roll that we´re printing on. Everyone is showing one image, printed on the same paper roll. For this exhibition I am showing my favourite image from Chasing a mirage. But in order for it to fit the paper format A1 I had to crop it. I also gave the image more contrast and more color. On the computer the image has this back light from the computer screen, but on paper it looks more flat. So it needed more color and light.

Printed image. Very happy with the result!
Yesterday I started to put together several images for our big exam exhibition in April.
Chasing a mirage (A1 version)
Original version
2 januari

Pelvis II


I think this sky also looks like a pelvis. Now I have two!

”Pelvis II” 2019.
”Pelvis I” 2019.
29 december

A Merry Christmas to you


Thank you for following my work. It means the world to me <3 Please don´t hesitate to get in touch. Love from Beata.

19 december



I worked with an old image of ice from a glacier lake on Iceland.

When mirroring the ice, it reminded me of the pelvis, so I gave this photo the title ”Pelvis”.

17 december



I´ve started to feel that I need humans in my project Chasing a mirage.

I´m still working with images shot on Iceland in 2014. It´s a huge archive and I have many pictures to go through.

I´ve done some versions with humans in them. The first two are mirrored images, the last two are images with a spotlight.

14 december

New images- Chasing a mirage


I´m experimenting with mirroring images. I love it! Can´t stop right now. It started out with me experimenting, and I liked the result. These are part of my project Chasing a mirage. I´m also working on a video for this project.

8 december

The room


First I made the image Serenade for solitude in 2015. Since then I have been thinking about this concept over and over.

I´ve started to look through my archive (which is huuuuge) and I´m coming back to images I shot for The Sleep Project (Hypnagogia). I´m a bit confused though, do these images belong with The Room (a new series) or with Hypnagogia? I don´t know.

Right now I´m working on two series: Chasing a mirage and The Room. Chasing a mirage is a Hypnagogia spin-off (great word right!) and The Room is a continuation on Serenade for solitude. Maybe they will all be the same series one day?

Some images I´ve done recently:

4 december



I don´t know what it is, but ever since I started turning my images black by changing the background, I cant´t stop doing it. I tried with my new series Chasing a mirage, and I really like the result of this image. It´s much more mysterious and other-worthly than the non-black image.

18 november

Chasing a mirage


I´m experimenting in a new way with old images that I shot on Iceland in 2014. To me, the sparse landscape of Iceland is the perfect metafor for our inner landscapes.

I want to visualise our constant longing for something else, something that seem so much better, something over there. If we just walk a little bit more, run a bit faster, we will get there.

By mirroring images of landscape and human, I want to investigate what we see and how we see it. What if everything is just a reflection of our inner minds, our fears and beliefs. What is real? What image of ourselves is real?