30 mars

Inspirational lecture at Skellefteå museum


This Tuesday I had the honour to hold a lecture in Skellefteå (a town in northern Sweden where they still have lots of snow!). My friend and colleague Victoria Söderström lives and works in Skellefteå and has been a part of the photo club of Skellefteå. They reached out to ask if we were interested in holding an inspirational lecture. Of course we were! So I travelled north and Victoria made the bed for me in the guest room in her beautiful house.

On my way to the beautiful museum of Skellefteå

In Gothenburg, the snow has melted (almost) and flowers are starting to burst. We have spring in the air. But in Skellefteå, the snow was high as one metre and lay thick everywhere. As soon as I got off the plane I saw the wintery landscape with bright snow amongst the trees. I was very excited! I looked for reindeers from the car window but I didn´t have any luck haha. Last time me and Victoria was in Skellefteå together, we saw some reindeers on our way to Glommersträsk where we held a workshop.

Monday we sat down at a cosy café to prepare our lecture. I had green tea and Victoria had coffee. We already had a presentation ready from last time we held a lecture, but we wanted to do some adjustments and also have time to refresh our memories (who says what, who begins to talk). But we also had a lot to talk about, since it was a long time we saw each other. That´s why we love to work together- beacause we can hang out while we´re doing what we love. Best combination!

The next day we were ready to hold our lecture, and we snapped this picture before going off to the museum. I was actually very nervous, but it disappeared when we got to the museum and met all the nice people. People are always so nice when we hold lectures! It´s like a big happy gang of people getting together and I just feel like a part of it all. I always feel like I could stay forever and just continue to teach! I just love to talk about my creative process and show people how me and Victoria works with photography. I don´t really know what it is, but I don´t think I like anything else as much! I should really try to do it more often.

Victoria took this photo of me in front of the audience right before we started. We had a great technician who helped us so we got microphones with good sound and a beautiful light. Also, the image was perfect. Sometimes when you come to other places to show pictures, it just looks nuts and you have to spend so much time adjusting the image and no one really knows how to do it. But this was perfect from the beginning, and the sound worked without a problem! Such a wonderful feeling when everything just flows! (Except when Victoria had to change microphone in the middle haha!)

Below you see some slides from our power point presentation. All of these images are created by Victoria.

I love this skiss by Victoria, next to the finished photo. Quite a difference, don´t you think?

When I got home I was so full of inspiration, and I´m so happy that me and Victoria has started to plan our next project together!

28 juni

New self portait up on the website


I took a new self portrait to update my website with. Instead of being out in nature or in front of a clean wall I decided to take the photo in front of my image ”Void” that is hanging in a black frame in my home. It feels so good to have a portrait where my art is integrated. Hope you like it!


11 maj

Exhibition at Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead Heath, London


Today was the opening of the Affordable Art Fair in Hampstead Heath, London. I am so thrilled to have two pieces hanging there through my gallery Piqmo.

The two pieces are Hypnagogia and Serenade for solitude.

Hypnagogia was made for my project The Sleep Project, in which I explore the surreal state between being awake and falling asleep. Rebecca Malherbe wrote some beautiful words about this picture in this blog post:

The dreamlike state that Rydén seeks to portray is strongly felt in this image. There is a definitive sense of disrupting reality. As the viewer, I feel taken away by the icy blue yet pulled back in by the human figure. Rydén has captured what seems to be an image out of a dream. The darkness that nearly engulfs the image reminds one of sleepy half closed eyes, drifting off or slowly waking up. She leaves the viewer to decide which one it is.

Serenade for solitude deals with the complex topic of setting healthy personal boundaries versus falling into destructive isolation.

Last year, in the fall of 2016, the same images were exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair Stockholm, and I had the honor to be there!

The exhibition is open 11-14 of May 2017.

14 april

Behind the scenes and speed edit of a staged self portrait


I made a behind the scenes video for my self portait ”Imagine a bird”.

This is the final image.

I also used some yarn, but as you can see in the movie I decided to make the image without it.

First test shoot!

25 mars

Step by step images from ”To the moon and back”


A step by step guide from my creation of ”To the moon and back”. It was a magical evening with beautiful light, and me and my mother (to the left in the picture) ran over the field, while I used my remote to take pictures. I didn´t know what we were running towards, but later on in Photoshop I played around and the image ended in black and white, with us running towards the moon/a far away planet? I love to create like this, with no plan in my head, just letting my intuition guide me towards the final image 🙂










This step by step guide was also published, with longer text, on my swedish blog.

Thank you for reading <3

22 mars

Behind the scenes movie


Here is a little movie from a beautiful day of shooting. This day I went out in the forest, location scouting and shooting a staged self portrait. I used some baby powder to create a smoky effect in the image. The images you see in the end are unedited images.

Music “Muscle memory” by Myndra from Free Music Archive. ©Myndra

17 mars

New exhibition at Scandinavian Photo in Bankeryd


I am exhibiting together with Victoria Söderström at Scandinavian Photo in Bankeryd, Sweden. The name of the exhibition is ”Petrichor (n.)- the smell of earth after rain”. Here are some images from the whole exhibition!

The exhibition will go on until 31/3 2017 at Scandinavian Photo in Bankeryd.

6 mars

A film from making ”Serenade for solitude”


I made a small behind-the-scenes film from the making of my image Serenade for solitude that you can see below. You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel to see more videos!

I took several test shots before taking the real picture.

Trying with different costumes!

This is the place where I ended up taking the final picture.

And this is the finished image!

Music “Huggun” by Myndra from Free Music Archive. ©Myndra

17 november

Home from the Stockholm Photo Fair


I have been away during the weekend to exhibit together with Victoria Söderström at the Stockholm Photo Fair. It was an amazing experience, both to see our beautiful exhibition and to hold two inspirational speeches for the fairs´visitors.

utstallning2Me and Victoria decided to hang all the images mixed as one big show, without our names under each image. Our images have the same style and they work well together, though they differ in story and motives.


jagoutstallningHere I am in my most comfy outfit, checking out the exhibition the day before it opened. I was so happy to see the images this big! It´s the way I always envision my images in my mind when I´m working. To the left is Victorias image ”Solitude”. To the right is my image ”Universe”. They had the same magenta tone in them which made them a great pair.


mycketfolkSo many people came to see the exhibition! What an amazing feeling <3

hissenSelfie in the elevator at the lovely hotel just a minute away from the fair 🙂

Thank you to everyone who came! It was an incredible weekend!

16 mars

Glass cover in snow


When we had lots of show in Gothenburg I went out to take some self portraits with a glass cover. It was all very spontaneous. I brought the glass cover and thought about some ideas while dressing in black. My mom was supposed to come for coffee but instead she got to be my assistant in the snow and take care of Tjorven (my dog) while photographing! That´s what happens when you come for coffee at my place haha 😉

Beata Rydén 2016 Beata Rydén 2016 Beata Rydén 2016Tjorven loves to be in the images 🙂

Beata Rydén 2016 Beata Rydén 2016I usually take a lot of images so that I can edit several of them later, and maybe use them for other images. I have started to edit one of the images and I hope that it will be a book cover one day!

Beata Rydén 2016My mom and my dog 🙂