13 januari



Soooo I´m finally going to try and get a hold of my business. Since I started it a little more than a year ago, I haven´t needed to account anything yet. I haven´t even sorted out my receipts! But I´ve collected the receipts to be able to sort them later on. I have an ability to wait for the last minute with everything I do. I hate that habit! I even know that once I start working on things that I have waited too long with, I feel so much better than when I sit around feeling stressful because I´m not doing the things I should.


Of course you need a bowl of candy if you´re going to push yourself to do this kind of work!

A great tip is to start putting your receipts in a basket. I bought this one just a while ago and I just put the last receipts in there that I haven´t yet put in the plastic pocket where I keep the rest. I actually think I will enjoy this kind of work. I enjoy most of the work that I do. The problem is to get started!

9 januari

Summary of 2014 Part One



My summer was very calm. I almost had too much time to spend to be able to enjoy it. But one of the best things that happened was when me and Victoria went to a photo meeting in northern Sweden, arranged by Viktoria Wigenstam, and held a lecture for the participants. It was incredible fun, and everyone was so kind and nice.


Later in the summer I had an exhibition at a company in Gothenburg where I live. They invited me and a class mate to exhibit. They bought one of my photos as well, which was very fun!


Me and Victoria with the awesome class of Fotoskolan Jönköping.

In the beginning of autumn I held a lecture together with Victoria at our old photo school Fotoskolan Jönköping. One whole day with incredible people that love photo made me feel how much I love what I do again. For a while I got my whole passion back. The rest of that week I felt so much alive and filled with gratitude. I felt that I really want to teach more.
In November I visited the Stockholm Photo Fair, which is a big event in Stockholm for photographers. Me and Victoria talked for 20 minutes about five secrets that we believe to be the key to the kind of images we create. We showed examples of different photos, before/after pictures and showed some props that we brought with us. This was wonderful and very inspiring. So cool to talk in front of hundreds of people! You can watch the talk here (in swedish).

Photograph shot in the studio at my school, for The Sleep Project. Model is my class mate Fanny.

After many evenings of thinking I decided to take a break from my school. My dreamschool that I´ve been trying to get accepted to for three years without success, that suddenly offered me a spot last year. This was a very hard decision to take, and I felt very insecure until I finally decided in November to take a break for a year to try and catch up with myself and my path again. But it´s a hard thing with art schools, at least for me. There are so many rules and hidden mindsets that I easily feel a bit suffocated. I haven´t decided yet whether I will continue this year or not. I try to live more and more in the moment and avoid thinking too many years ahead. Now I will try to focus on this spring first.

I was interviewed for a swedish magazine called Forum Gotland, and I got the front page as well. So cool!


The Sleep Project.
Some things that will happen this spring is that I will meet up with Victoria to work with our video course for Moderskeppet. The course is about Staged self portraiture. I really look forward to this! Moderskeppet is a gang of wonderful people and I look forward to work more with them.
In April I will have my first solo show at a cultural house in Gothenburg called Kulturhuset Kåken. They invited me and even offered me the front page of their program. Such an honour! I hope to be able to show some of my photos from The Sleep Project in which I investigate the state between being awake and falling asleep.


Apart from all this I will write on this blog, create new photos for The Sleep Project, take long walks with Tjorven and have lots of coffee. My biggest goal is to live in the moment and stop planning for the future and stop feeling that I have to chase success. Life is here and now. Something else doesn´t exist yet.