Webbplatsens överlägg


B Paris, Louvre 2

This is me and my brother. I am two years younger than him, standing to the right. In my hand I have a camera. We are on a trip to Paris together. I choose this picture to illustrate how very rich my life has been, always, of creativity and inspiration.

I was lucky enough to get a camera as a present one christmas (it came in a plastic package with a blue cuddly toy from Kodak). But even more, I was lucky enough to be born by two parents with artistic dreams and the courage to realize them.

When I was one years old, my mom and dad started up a small theater together in Gothenburg, Sweden. They still work their, and this creative and gentle space has been a second home for me my whole life. My dad gave me music, my mom gave me dance.

I myself started writing poetry when I was five years old (oh well… my mom wrote down the words I said!). The written word has been very important to me.

What I´ve come to realize is that it´s always been poetry that I find most rewarding. I love reading it, and it´s what I naturally write.

To me, good poetry works with symbols and visualize inner worlds, just as the photographic art I want to create.