Webbplatsens överlägg

Imitation game

A couple of months ago I had a magical day in nature. I spent the weekend at my parents house in the country, and I felt a rush of inspiration. I decided to find dead and dry things in nature, making up a story of someone trying to imitate the dried up trees and blend in. Becoming one with the dead nature, maybe giving it new life. This wasn´t planned at all, and I truly love that feeling when you create in the moment and don´t have any expectations on the final result!

As you may know if you follow me on facebook, I´ve had a hard year with my creativity. The art school that I went to managed to take away all my inspiration and I haven´t had much passion left for photography this year. That´s why this shoot was so important for me, because in that moment I felt the love for my passion come back, and it made me so so happy.

I finally left school in June this year, and I´m actually starting to feel the passion come back to me, slowly, filling me with energy and happiness to be alive. But it´s still very fragile, so I won´t talk about it too much yet 😉

This image was expanded to a square frame. I shot some extra images of the surrounding to be able to expand it later in photoshop.

In the image above you see how I moved the camera a little bit to the left (left image) in order to get a photo of the surroundings to expand later.

Trying to get the camera to work 😀

Always take some extra shots of yourself smiling to the camera 😉