Webbplatsens överlägg

Easter tulips shot in front of a window

Yesterday I was really inspired to shoot. But I didn´t know what to shoot. I knew I wanted to do something related to easter. I was lucky enough to have fresh flowers at home (from a friend that had just stayed the night at my place.) I decided to shoot the flowers with window light and I put them in the window right in front of the window glass. I put a diffuser (you could use a transparent white sheet instead) in front of the window, so the flowers would have the diffuser as backdrop. Then I shot at aperture 1.4 and shutter speed 1/60. The whiteness was overexposed but the flowers were perfect. Then I did what I love the most: played around in Photoshop! I actually didn´t think I was going to do anything special with this image, other than give it some small adjustments with exposure, contrast and color. But I was wrong haha.

I copied the flowers into several layers and put them in different places in a square frame. I felt my heart beat faster as I continued to blend the flowers and composite the image as I liked. When I was happy with the composition I painted both green and yellow in the picture and put these layers on blending mode color burn. I also adjusted the colors and worked with vibrance/saturation. In the end I liked this image a lot more that I thought I would. It has a painterly feel to it that I absolutely love.


This is the original image, that I like really much as it is. But with me, I´m never happy if I don´t twist reality a bit 😉